It’s already been 2 years now since I’ve started as a part time lecturer at the university of applied science Utrecht.

Along the way I’ve seen the students grow and seen how they have reached a higher level of creativity..and I’m really proud to be a part of that process.

Just 2 semesters ago I started lecturing a class called Media design 5, where the students had to learn working with cinema 4d and after effects…

With a little help of me, Nick Vegas (greyscale gorilla ) and Andrew Kramer ( video copilot ) they managed to finish a full 2d/3d animation within 6 weeks..and the results are stunning!!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t let you enjoy their creative work too, as much as I did.

So check it out!

Within 2 weeks other classes will finish their animation, so this list will be updated soon!

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